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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Time For a Few Flame Throwers

In a timely post entitled What Are Democrats So Afraid Of, Glenn Greenwald riffs on Swopa's idea that the Democrats need to designate a few flamethrowers to get out there and start calling bullshit before the Daou Principle kicks in yet again and the Abramoff scandal gets branded in the public consciousness as "bipartisan."

From the WaPo:
With an eye on November's elections, Republicans have sought to limit the damage to themselves by portraying the scandal as bipartisan, describing Abramoff as an equal-opportunity dispenser of campaign cash and largess.

So far, the public has not identified corruption as solely a Republican problem. A Washington Post-ABC News poll in November asked Americans whether they thought Democrats or Republicans were better on ethical matters; 16 percent said Democrats, 12 percent said Republicans, and 71 percent said there was not much difference between the parties.
Over at Kos they have also announced that Harry Reid is going to be attending the Yearly Kos convention this June. Can we say it's about fucking time these people realized who the base are and start doing some long-overdue sucking up? We're quite sick of watching the President of the Hair Club For Men tiptoe out in his little pink tu-tu on Sunday morning and discipline the dog he thinks won't bite as he tries to look Manly and Commanding.

Word up, Joe. This dog bites.