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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Late Nite FDL: Battle-Ax Bigots Once More Into the Breech

It's nice to know that whenever MSNBC needs something said that is so ugly, so fulminatingly rancid and dog-whistle racist that even Bill Bennett will not show up and do the honors that a vile, bilious hatchet-faced nag like Kate O'Beirne is always at the ready (see video at C&L).

Why didn't she just come out and say "negroes don't know how to act at funerals?" Because that's exactly what she meant.

Digby , John and Gilliard think almost as much of Kate for having the courage to come out and scold the coloreds about remembering their place on the day of Coretta Scott King's funeral as I do.

We have slightly more hope for Norah O'Donnell, who has now entered the MSNBC pantheon and must needs earn a nickname to equal the status of her male peers Tweety, Pumpkinhead and Banjo Boy. Rather than deliver it to her by fiat, we are using the democratic process and have now narrowed it down to five candidates. Here are the finalists:

Nora Bora

Please vote only once, Norah's blogospheric future depends on your careful deliberation.

Atrios and Kos both posted today about their page view-to-donation ratio for the Ciro Rodriguez fundraising drive. I'm quite proud to announce that we have the highest percentage of donors relative to readership of any of the three and we also have the highest donor average. And we've now raised almost $10,000 for Ciro's campaign. Need more reason to dig into your mad money? Cuellar supports more more more war, while Ciro voted against Bush's war authorization. People do a great job around here of getting involved, writing their representatives, penning damn-the-torpedo LTEs and in general celebrating their right to participate in the democratic process. The blogs will begin to be taken seriously as a political force when we prove we can enter a race and back a winner, so please treat yourself and enjoy kicking a little DINO ass by contributing to Ciro here.