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Monday, February 27, 2006

Late Nite FDL: Our New Contest On the Wankery of Joe Klein

From time to time the question arises: when the revolution comes, who will be the first against the wall, the Democratic strategists or the Democratic pundits? And the answer is always the same -- Joe Klein.

Joe really out did himself this week. Ever sensitive to the subtle nuances of Islamic culture, he appeared on Lou Dobbs and sneered about the opposition to the Dubai Ports World deal as nothing but blatant racism and claimed that killing the deal would only breed more terrorists. Whereas invading a sovereign country, ripping apart its infrastructure, killing its citizens and igniting a civil war can be justified in the name of "fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here." Or some such gibberish.

But it does raise an interesting point. Before Joe gets his blindfold and final cigarette and breaks into La Marseillaise, what will be remembered as his stupidest, most absurd, most rank and obtuse quote of all time? I know there is a plethora of material to choose from (much of it catalogued over the years by Digby) but I think it is high time to take stock of Klein's atrocities.

Whoever unearths the most ludicrous, most irresponsible, most feeble-minded Klein quote as judged by the patrons of this blog will get a copy of the newly released DVD of Action, which TBogg quite rightly lauds for "its brilliance and viciousness and cold bitter laugh-out-loud black humor." (Most people have never seen it but it is quite possibly the funniest thing that's ever been on TV.) Entries will be accepted up until 7pm tomorrow night PST with a semifinal process to be determined. Please keep your entries down to one paragraph; I know it will be hard with the pure heaping piles of merde with which Little Joe's utterances tend to be laden, but precision is going to be counted a virtue here.

Update: I'm modifying things somewhat -- please provide a link along with your entry for verification purposes. Much appreciated.