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Monday, March 06, 2006

Late Nite FDL: We Get Letters

Mike Stark sent an email to Andrew Wilkow letting him know he was making him famous in the blogosphere with his radio call-in clip about saving the 2 year-old child vs. the 5 blastulae in the burning fertility clinc (which quite deservedly got links on Atrios and Kos as well).

Mike got a response:
Mike ya know I thought you were a good person to bounce things off of. But you really a little baby. You sit home all day and call talk radio. Then you take you pathetic excuse for a "win" and you go running around beating your drum.'re a loser. Anyone can plan to get someone hot under the collar. Fine, maybe you did that...whoopee. In the real world you lost that asinine argument. Don't ever contact me either by phone or e-mail. Take as a way to tell your 5 friends that you go to me.

Andrew won that one like he won the spelling bee but everyone is entitled to his own opinion, I suppose.

And Laura E. writes:
Here's an extension of the 5 blastulae or the 2-year-old question. Do first responders, like fire fighters, have training and equipment to rescue petri dishes? Would they run into a burning building to save them even if there weren't any 2 year olds? Do they have protocols? Will they need to train in South Dakota? What are the emergency evacuation policies in fertility clinics?
And then there's the classic from Yes, I'm Crazy on the topic of naturally conceived embryos that are flushed out in a woman's normal menstrual cycle:
Personally, I'm not going to be happy until we create little cemetaries for all the sanitary napkins carrying what's left of all those fertalized eggs Dr. Opitz talked about. We'll call the cemetaries Kotex Necroblastocropoli and they'll have teeny-tiny angel statuary which we make out of match sticks and pipecleaners and hangers. I can hardly wait!
It will be dark but yes, there will be much South Dakota humor.