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Monday, January 24, 2005

Oregon Poodle Blogging

Greetings from Otter Rock once again. My sojourn in Oklahoma is at an end. Alas, Boo Boo and Kobe are having a moment; I don't know what happened while I was away but some seizmic shift in pack dynamics has left Kobe and Boo Boo in a giant poodle Clash of the Titans. Boo Boo got the best of Kobe today, so I spent the afternoon at the vet's getting Kobe's paw patched up, hence the light posting. Two hundred and thirty dollars later they are both hopped up on Paxil and goofballs while Momma is sober. How times change. Anyway the above photo was taken by my sister Pam of my brother-in-law Loren and the dogs on the beach while I was gone. It is incomperably beautiful here, even amidst the canine testosterone festival.

Thanks to Marian, Peggy & Peter who pinch hit for me with the dogs when I was gone.