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Friday, January 28, 2005

An Unembeded Reporter in Iraq

I was hanging out with my friend Peter today and talking about China's announcement this week that it has lost faith in the dollar, and what that could mean for the US economy. He wondered why this wasn't headline news on every network. I'll spare everyone the knee-jerk rant about how network news is nothing but a glorified White House press release and the inadequacy of TV "reporting" in general, and instead focus on alternatives that report on what's actually happening out there.

Dahr Jamail is an independent American journalist who went to Iraq and hoped to provide a counterpoint to the pro-Bush media bias that keeps stoking American support for a disastrous war. It's no surprise that his extremely well-written and well-researched articles do not reflect the glowing accounts of reporters who follow Pentagon talking points. They have been published in Scotland's Sunday Herald, The New Standard, Inter Press Service, and my alma mater The San Francisco Bay Guardian.

He collects all of his reports as well as some amazing photographs from Iraq (including the one above) on his blog which you can find here. I highly recommend checking it out, 'cos he's probably not going to show up any time soon on Fox and Friends.

(thanks to Plutonium Page on DKos)