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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Welcome to Scarborough Country

After telling Pat Buchanan he sounds like "Susan Sontag" when he asserts that Osama bin Laden attacked the US because of its unwanted presence in the Middle East and not because of its love of freedom, Joe Scarborough finishes him off with rapier wit and a brutal command of ineluctable logic:

BUCHANAN: You know, look, when the Japanese, if they attacked Pearl Harbor and someone got up and said we were attacked because we were free and good and we got a Bill of Rights, he would be laughed out of court, Joe. Those people are over here. They hate us.

SCARBOROUGH: Germany didn't attack us.

BUCHANAN: Of course they didn't -- Germany did not attack.

SCARBOROUGH: We declared war on Germany.

BUCHANAN: They [Germany] declared war on us first, on December 11 [1941], Joe.

SCARBOROUGH: Listen, do not tie me down with facts and dates, Pat Buchanan.

Ah, that sublime dialectical haven, Republican logic. Pretty much guarantees your freedom to gas on endlessly without knowing much of anything at all.