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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Republican Sycophants on Parade

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Many of you have missed the Republican oozing of senatorial support for Alberto Gonzales on C-SPAN. I'll save you the trouble of watching the rerun, 'cos they pretty much all say the same thing:

1. Let me read this article praising Gonzales from the Big Paper in my constituency, since it will a) fill up time, b) save me the trouble of writing anything original c) suck up to someone I want to endorse me during my next election bid and d) give my dubious position credibility since if it's printed in a paper it must be true.

2. Alberto Gonzales is Mexican, dammit. He comes from humble origins. We must confirm him because by all rights he should be mowing my lawn.

3. Democrats are playing partisan politics. Wasn't anyone paying attention during the last election? America hates you. You must abandon the constituency who voted you into office and any shred of conscience you may have about torture and fall in line behind George Bush because to do otherwise is un-American.

4. Did I mention he's Mexican? Viva la Raza!

They are reporting on the DailyKos that the only Democrat who is holding out to vote in confirmation of Gonzales is Ken Salazar. His contact information is:

Washington Office:  202-224-5852
Denver, CO Office:  303-455-7600
Senate Switchboard: 202-225-6827

I sleep a lot better knowing that every day I did just one little thing to make it more difficult for BushCo. to wage this immoral war.