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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Worst SOTU Ever

I'm having a root canal this morning, so my cousin Wendell is guest blogging. Here is his SOTU wrapup:

I started listening to the State of the Union speech tonight and got so upset when he started listing his accomplishments, that I had to go downstairs and am now watching a home decorating show.    He tells how he has cut taxes for EVERYONE and how he has brought peace to many areas of the world and yet he says nothing about the stagering debt and the position of the dollar on the world market.   Are we speaking the same language?   He talked about all the jobs which had been created since he took office, yet here in Kansas City, there are men and women who have been on the job market for months and little chance of getting a position commenserate with their training and ability.   I am so glad I do not have to face the sparce job market of today.   We are in Merger-Mania and from experience I can tell you that those mergers do not create jobs -- they eliminate jobs.   I am trying desperately to be civil about the President, but occasionally I just lose it.   Sorry. also has a point-by-point refutation of the State of the Union address here.