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Monday, April 25, 2005

How Much of a Commie Is You?

This should be a good one -- where do you fall on the political compass scale? Thanks to The Dirty Northwest (who are also members of the Pacific NW Portal with me, and now that my laptop is back from thieving Apple I can not only UPDATE MY BLOG ROLL I can PUT MY PORTAL LINK UP!!) we find a six-page test you can take in 5 minutes to tell you where you stand on the left/right, social/economic, libertarian/authoritarian scale, and it actually seems to be a bit more telling than most of the tests that are floating around on the web. To the surprise of ultimately no-one, I'm falling off the left side of the page (it makes more sense when you see the graph):

Economic Left/Right: -6.63
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.31

Which I guess translates into "get out of my underpants and stop ripping everyone off, you Christo-fascist freaks!" Or something along those lines.
Now I'm REALLY curious to know where people who visit this site actually fall. Call it an informal focus group. Without the creepy guys in ties and the one-way mirrors.

(Photo of absolutely no relevance at all courtesy Stock.xchng)