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Sunday, April 03, 2005

If You Were Running CNN...

Atrios today:
If I were running CNN, once I fired most of the people that worked there and replaced them with decent TV journalists, I'd get rid of their little daily blog show and replace it with the "Fox News Fuckup of the day." They could just steal it from Media Matters. Then I'd add a "crazy shit people are hearing on talk radio which aren't true" segment.
If I were running CNN, after I hired Eason Jordan back (just to show the mouth breathers they weren't pulling my strings any more) I'd bust Wolf Blitzer down to craft service and lure Keith Obermann to take his place, hire Matt Taibbi or TBogg to write headlines (could CNN be any more lifeless and dull?), and place armed guards at the door to prevent Novakula from ever breathing his toxic brand of poison over the network airwaves again. And oh yeah, and I'd launch some sort of pilot program to include some actual news in the 24/7 cycle.

So, if you were going to give CNN a much-needed face lift, where would you start?