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Thursday, April 07, 2005

West Wing Watch

It looked for a minute there like Al Bundy might be President of the United States. Once again fiction is a step up from reality.

I arrived in North Carolina safely -- and was surprised to learn that more people than I think keep up with my whereabouts on this blog. The flight was fine though it takes a full day to travel anywhere from the Oregon coast (especially once you take into account the drive to Portland.)

Interesting this time -- I suffer from flight agitation, not so much fear or anxiety but just "can't we get this frigging thing over with." Usually my inner nerd comes out and I spend the entire day compulsively working logic problems (left brain function), but this time I brought a sketch book and drew all day (right brain function). The whole experience was a lot more peaceful.

Well I should have loads of interesting stuff to report on here from North Carolina later in the day, my brand new Mac laptop blew up just before I got on a plane (and note to Apple who want $700 to fix a fifty cent power plug -- you are EXTORTIONISTS!!) but the hotel has a lovely Dell that I can use so I will be happy.