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Monday, May 16, 2005

New Poll: More Americans Wake Up, Smell Coffee

Thank heavens for a weak-kneed, backpedaling Newsweak and a few desecrated Korans. Sure took the heat off the new Pew Center poll taken over the weekend which shows that even Laura's horse dick jokes can't bail out her husband, whose approval rating is down to an all-time low of 43%. Republicans in general are getting taken to the woodshed in this season of Social Security, filibuster and DeLay:
Although neither party is escaping blame, the damage to the Republican Party's image may be more severe. Just 35% of Americans say they approve of the job Republican leaders in Congress are doing; 50% disapprove, up from 44% in March of this year, and 42% a year ago.

These generally unfavorable views may have political ramifications for incumbents seeking reelection in 2006. While by more than two-to-one (49%-23%), more say they approve than disapprove of their own representative in the House, this is comparable to measures of satisfaction in the summer of 1993, a year before the historic midterm elections in 1994 in which the Democratic Party lost its majority in the House.
Expect to be hearing a lot more about the Koran.

(Via the Left Coaster)