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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Getting Awfully Tough to Defend Rove

The faithful are getting hinky. From the Ace of Spades:
Still, even if Plame's cover was so thin, so transparent, and so ineffectual that they donwgraded this "secret" to the non-secret "Secret" level, that would still mean the information is classified (barely, but still classified), and that anyone disclosing it, knowing that it was classified (or who reasonably could be said to have ought to have known) would be in violation of the law.

Maybe not the IIPA, which is the law most have focused on, but a more general law about disseminating classified information.

To be honest, I've sort of thought Karl Rove would be pinned on this since Lawrence O'Donnell first hyped it. No particular reason, except my general belief that most rumors are true, or nearly true.

While the right should continue to insist the left prove its claims, and patrol them for going beyond what the evidence actually says, it may be time to consider the possibility that Rove will be caught dirty on this one, and may have to be cut loose at some point.

And, you know, condemned for breaking the law.
Is common sense breaking out like a rash in the land of Wingnuttia? Noooooo.....
I'll give Valerie Plame one thing-- she knows her tradecraft. She and her husband peddled lies and arranged it so that the only way to expose them was to break the law.
Right. The fiendishly treacherous Valerie Plame, who has said jack shit to date because the CIA will not allow her to speak or address the matter in any way, is the one responsible for assigning a deliberately ambiguous and manipulatively under-specific designation of "top secret" to the INR memo knowing full well that mom dad and apple pie lovin' patriot Karl Rove would be honor bound to swipe it from Ari Fleisher during recess on Air Force One and scribble her name on the walls of the White House can for the good of the nation.

It must be nice to be free from the constraints of rational thought. Kind of like going intellectually braless.