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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Schumer Punk'd by Roberts

I can't figure out whether Chuck Schumer is an idiot or just trying to grease the ladies up for the Roberts vote, but at a fundraiser yesterday he stated that he thought Roberts would vote in favor of Roe v. Wade.

How. Fucking. Stupid. Can. You. Be. The only thing Roberts did all week was find new and cute ways to evade answering Democratic questions about Roe v. Wade. He's spent the last year campaigning for the job, meeting with every right wing wacko uber bigot and earning the good fascism seal of approval. Do you think he smiled winningly and earned James Dobson's backing by saying he couldn't answer any questions on abortion because it was something that might one day come before the court?

Hmmmm, I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess not.

Ron Wyden said that after meeting with Roberts for an hour there was no doubt in his mind Roberts would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Is Schumer really just a world-class sucker? My guess is he isn't. When he nods in acquiescence and casts his "yes" vote he'd like the ladies to think he's representing for them. Well, Chuck, with friends like you, who needs enemies.

You'll be voting "yeah" on a man who's got scant experience as a judge and putting him in the highest judicial seat in the land. He's about as qualified for the job at this point as Michael Brown was to be head of FEMA.

Oh, and Bush made you his bitch once again by refusing to release 5,000 pages of documents that could have been very helpful in carrying out that whole "advise and consent" thing responsibly. But hey, Roberts has got a nice smile, a Stepford wife and a couple of stunt kids to warm the hearts of people who just aren't thinking very deeply about this whole thing. That ought to give you a free PR pass, huh?

So from the ladies, really. Thanks. Thanks so very much, Chuck. You are the original "ladies' man." Whenever we break out the Barry White, the Chivas and the aqua lube, we will think of you.

And we will remember this vote for a long, long time to come.