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Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Skippy Challenge

Skippy is challenging bloggers to donate $100.01 to the Red Cross (or the hurricane-related cause of your choice).

Me & the poodles accepted the challenge and per Wonkette we gave to The Humane Society:
In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, The HSUS has launched a massive relief effort to rescue animals and assist their caregivers in the disaster areas. Our highly trained Disaster Animal Response Teams are now in Mississippi and Texas coordinating a multi-state animal rescue and recovery effort. Our Disaster Response Unit, and other rescue vehicles affiliated with our teams, are in Mississippi.
If BushCo. is treating the humans like animals, imagine how the animals are being treated.

Nice to see all the conservative bloggers taking time off from excoriating criminal negro looters to come out in force and raise funds for hurricane relief, though. They fucking should. But anyone who helped that criminally useless pig get elected has blood on their hands that all the guilt money in the world won't wash off.

Maybe if they spent a little time urging Preznit Endless Summer to actually -- oh, I don't know -- do his fucking job -- something might actually get done?

Oh, I forgot, that's not the government's job, compassionate conservatism, thousand points of light, blah blah blah harumph.

Translation: Fuck the poor.

Sorry, not feeling very funny tonight.

A leader would have been burning up the phone wires getting help for these folks. The Corporal of the Guard of the 443rd Mess Kit Repair Battalion could do better than the Chimp-in-Chief.

It ain't rocket science, folks. Load up a goddam old CH-46 Sea Knight from some reserve squadron in Podunk with water, fly it over the thirsty people and kick it the fuck out. Hell, George, put on your fancy flight suit, load up that big blue motherfucker that we paid for and let you fly around in, fill it with bottled water, fly low (we know the best pilots in the world can do that 'cuz they did it yesterday), tie your ass to a stanchion, sit on the deck, open the door, and you do the kickout. Just once, earn your fuckin' money. Maybe if you're feeling extra compassionate, throw in a few sandwiches.
It's a righteous rant everyone should read.

Update: Brian Linse was arguing tonight that the abject failure to help the poor urban blacks of New Orleans is an absolutely deliberate effort to get them out of the city permanently, and sent me this link. Curious to know your thoughts in the comments.