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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Blogging: The Pay Sucks, But the Perks Rock

So Warner Brothers is all over John Amato's (Crooks & Liars) huge traffic, and they invited him to a screening of the new George Clooney movie about Edward R. Murrow, Good Night and Good Luck, and he invited me. Like I would say no to a free movie.

It was a great film, very timely and really well done. A must-see for politically minded lefties. Afterwards there was a panel discussion and Clooney made a surprise appearance. We ran into Arianna, who knew Clooney, so we were all over that, and for some weird reason Amato had wanted a picture of himself at the Bing theater and had asked me to bring a camera so I had one with me, but only because I found it at the last minute in the glove box of my car. (We bloggers may indeed be the future of media, but we don't necessarily have our shit together.)

The Clooney/Amato show was a hoot. Clooney must've done 10 minutes on O'Reilly ("I can't hear you, Bill, over the noise from the vibrator" -- I really don't think O'Reilly wants that guy on his show as much as he thinks he does.)

Arianna says Judith Miller is seriously pissed that the NYT published her letter from Libby. Reddhedd called me when I was in the parking lot to tell me about the WaPo article by VandeHei and Pincus, and when I got home emptywheel sent me a great link to a Left Coaster post on the Miller/NYT rift. Scott Lemieux gave me some free legal advice, and swopa gave me a nice shout out.

I just love blogging.

Back to work....