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Friday, September 30, 2005

How's Your Day Going There, Scooter?

Oh and one more thing.

I keep forgetting to mention this, but regardless of who gets indicted for what, Traitorgate threatens to take down the Rethugs in more than one way. Remember, this Congress would not impeach George Bush for on-air pedophilia and cannibalism. But as prosecutor Reddhedd explains, the timing of the trials will be key:
All of that to say that it could be anywhere from three months to three years, with the most likely time frame being a year to a year and a half for trials to begin.  Depends on the jurisdiction, the number of indictments -- because clearly if there are several indictments, all to be heard in the same jurisdiction, scheduling will become problematic in a short time frame -- and a lot of other factors, but that tends to be the calculation for most trials....

For this case, I'm certain the judge will have some open space considering the national security and political ramifications of a trial on all of these issues.
Assuming Fitzgerald hands down his indictments in the next few weeks (he's long said Judy's testimony was the thing he lacked), it means -- the trials kick into gear right around the time of the 2006 elections.

Karl Rove's worst nightmare come true.

Will anyone be able to generate any public sympathy for a grown man who calls himself "Scooter?" I'm thinking not.

A happy thought for the day.