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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Justice Served: "It's About Time, I Was Pretty Friggin' Hungry"

We just got back from our walk and heard about Tom DeLay's indictment. If you were with us right now you would see the poodles doing the happy dance.

I don't remember who I was talking with the other day, I think it was Digby, but we were discussing the Justice Department and how -- with the ReThugs controlling all the halls of power in this country -- the career people within it are probably our only hope of going after the corrupt dons of the kleptocracy, murderers and warmongers all, both by limiting the damage they can do in the future and holding them accountable for what they have done in the past.

Hence I keep writing about Patrick Fitzgerald, and for those who have been around this blog since the start (all 10 of you) Ronnie Earle. Fitzgerald was wise to never declare a political party, as anyone who has turned on the TV in the past 15 minutes can tell. I mean, is CNN capable of mentioning Ronnie Earle's name without saying he is a Democrat? Does that somehow make Tom DeLay less guilty?

How about "Ronnie Earle, dedicated public servant who could be pulling down beaucoups bucks in the private sector but who has settled for a humble life of doing the right thing, and whose career has been marked by incredible dedication and a commitment to rising above partisan politics that has lead to the indictments of corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle?"

I just realized the other day I hadn't turned my TV on for weeks. As long as the GOP keeps writing copy for the talking heads, it's staying off.

Update: Rove already has his hand up Hindlicker's ass. See his lips move. Lordy that was fast.