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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Woody on Woody

Time Magazine has re-worked the Woodward story a bit, added some more info and trussed it up with a new title.

In the new article we learn:
Woodward has refused to say publicly who the source is but notes that "the process of my reporting was the catalyst for the source to go to the prosecutor and for me to be called by Fitzgerald."
Because it is, as we know, all about you, Bob. But back to you, Bob. Can we have some more about you now, Bob?
Challenged on his public statements as well as his private conduct, Woodward explained that he had "hunkered down" out of fear of being subpoenaed at a time when reporters like Miller and TIME's Matthew Cooper were being jailed or threatened with jail unless they revealed their sources.
"Hunkered down?" You mean, like Anna Nicole Smith hunkered down?
And Fitzgerald, a tireless prosecutor with a reputation for thoroughness, had to wonder, after two years and millions of dollars and countless hours of hunting, what else is out there that he missed.
I have only to date seen the WaPo article on figures for his first 15 months, which totaled 732,000. Did Fitzgerald go on some wild, coke jag spending spree in the past few months? Maybe he is a Republican after all.

Update: The always-observant Grampa from the comments points to this paragraph in Elizabeth de la Vega's Nation article that I had not thought about:
In turn, the Woodward revelation was preceded on November 15 by a leak from "lawyers close to the defense" to the New York Times indicating that the Libby defense team planned to seek testimony from numerous journalists, not just those named in the indictment, in order to determine what the "media really knew." As Libby's lawyer put it on November 16, "Hopefully, as more information is obtained from reporters, like Bob Woodward, the real facts will come out."
Is it really that simple? Did Woodmill just worry that Libby's lawyers were going to put him on the stand as someone he spoke to and didn't leak to, and he was afraid that at some point it would all come out and he'd look like a big fat BushCo. stooge? Maybe he was betting that Fitz was just fucking around until he actually indicted Libby. Wow that must've been a Bad Hair Day for the Woodman.