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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Give the Gift of Christmas Traffic

Alternate Brain quotes Ted Koppel: "The only difference between Clinton and Bush is 9/11. If it would have happened on Clinton's watch, we'd be in Iraq now too." Is he gone yet?

Roger to Glenn Reynolds: "Blow Me, Hillbilly."

Roy defects from the War on Christmas.

TBogg can't keep his (hot) women out of the bars.

Wanda forgets Festivus. It must be war.

Skippy will have the Blue Xanax, thank you.

DBK fights the good fight for voter verified paper trails 'cos golly, some of us just don't trust these people.

Elayne Riggs looking hot in her Christmas sweat shirt. Oh my God the boobs.

Harry notes that if Mary and Joseph did the same thing today they would pass through 15 Israeli check points.

Sadly, No! says the greatest tragedy of the home school set is their tendency to take fashion cues from 70s porn stars. Tragic.

King of Zembla wonders why the NSA even bothers with illegal wiretaps when the Brits will happily do it for them. Poodles everywhere.

Dependable Renegade says James Dobson's son is -- well, a little too stylish, if you know what I'm saying and I think you do.

The General: Bill O'Reilly, Jesus, Free Republic, butt plug, crucifix. 'Nuff said.