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Friday, February 17, 2006

Dick Cheney: Armed and Hammered

Come take a stroll through our new FDL Cafe Press Annex, "The Cheney Collection" -- designed by Dark Black. A few prêt-à-porter items the fashion conscious liberal barbarian will no doubt fail to wash.

Although the administration this morning went balls-to-the-wall today to kill the story about how the Vice President shot an old man in the face, it doesn't seem to be taking. Today on Hardball Matthews said: "George Bush was made to look like Fredo. He couldn't control his Vice President."

This is still in flux. Much fallout yet to come.

Junta loyalist Peg-a-loon sent up a trial balloon about ditching Cheney, and the controvery continues to grow. Holden has more about the gross errors made by Chief Wiggam and the Texas Park and Wildlife Service, and people are now trying to re-enact the official story -- with alarming lack of success. It appears Whittington was shot from between 15-18 feet, not the 90 Cheney claims. You can see the video here.

Most telling -- Whittington himself today thanked the media. Sounds like he may not have been so happy about being shot by a drunk, smeared by his buddies then dragged in front of a camera for a massive PR stunt three days after having a heart attack, does it?

The Sunday talk shows should be revealing, as should the next round of polling.

So fix yourself another highball, Big Time. You ain't out of the woods yet.

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