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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Do You Feel More Secure? 'Cos I Don't

I don't know if anyone remembers the ABC news story from September, 2002 when they tested the security of American ports by attempting -- with frightening success -- to smuggle depleted uranium into the country via the port of New York. They did the same thing again, this time through the port of Los Angeles, in 2003.

One would think that the response of a Homeland Security Department that actually cared about protecting the country from the great fear they are always so quick invoke would be to take measures to make sure that the ports were strengthened such that real terrorists who actually attempted this could not succeed.

What did the Bush administration do?

They began an investigation of ABC news for violation of felony smuggling laws. Intimidate the whistleblowers. It's the mafia's stock in trade, too.

I remember this very clearly because it really terrified me. One of the reasons I really came to admire John Kerry was due to the fact that he had an actual plan (can you imagine) to strengthen the big holes in the US port security system. Because contrary to what wingnuttia would have you believe, liberals don't want to hand over the US to the terrorists. We just want real measures to be taken to secure the country, as opposed to the millions upon millions of dollars wasted in meaningless measures that do nothing to protect national security while a lot of empty rhetoric masks the true intent their efforts: namely, funnel big bucks to your buddy. Then they stomp around and pretend like they actually did something.

Anyone who thinks that BushCo. has done more to make this country secure isn't "tough on terror." They're just a bunch of marks.

Now George Bush wants rake in the big bucks by outsourcing control of our ports to a country that has been a key transfer point for illegal shipments of nuclear components to Iran, North Korea and Lybia, and he's so accustomed to screaming "look fast, the boogyman's over there!" while he lifts your wallet he thinks nobody will notice this time either.

Is the the game finally over? Are the Bush cultists finally coming to realize what we've known all along -- that this bunch of crooks is all about making money and only about making money, national security be damned?

Let's hope so, because the wingnuts have been the major impediment to true national security for years. It's high time the scales fell off their eyes for all our sakes.