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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

George Bush and the Full-Scale Bigot Launch

From the Left Coaster:
President Bush was humiliated at Coretta Scott King's funeral yesterday by Reverend Lowery and the thunderous applause for the Clintons. What the blogosphere has termed The Mighty Wurlitzer just got cranked up in response, for public, televised put-downs of The Almighty George cannot be countenanced under any circumstances.

The Wurlitzer -- talk right radio, backed up by cable TV news and eventually harmonized with network news -- will endlessly blather on for the next 48 hours how uncouth, crude, and disrespectful-of-all-that-is-decent those liberals and democrats were yesterday at the funeral; semi-freaks like that surely can'’t accurately reflect the All America Love that the US basks in for Bush.
Bubble boy didn't like a bunch of uppity darkies talking like that to his face so he dispatched his doughy bigoted foot soldiers out to put them back in their place. With that kind of paper thin skin he ought to think about a job with the Washington Post.

This is an emblematic cry from the right:
I also think I have a clearer understanding of why the culture of so many black Americans in this country is below what it should be and is capable of being.
They really don't seem to like being called racists. After putting so much effort into it you think they'd be proud.

Update: Froomkin:
Bush and his aides are known for going to great lengths to avoid such public confrontations.

Bush has broken with presidential tradition by boycotting the annual NAACP convention. After his administration came under fire for its bungling response to Hurricane Katrina, Bush reached out to black leaders -- but only in closed-door meetings cloaked in secrecy. (See my December 9 and December 22 columns.)
Always nice to be reassured that the WaPo still has people with the courage to speak the truth to power and hasn't become a complete swamp of simpering kow-towing pantywaists.