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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Late Nite FDL: We Have A Winner

Our Name Norah contest is over, and not without its share of attendant drama. Atrios was accused of stuffing the ballot box, our Diebold machines broke down when punaise cast a write-in vote for "Ole 60 Grit" O'Beirne, Wolcott was taking furious exit polls and TBogg wrote to say that if "Noron" was not the winner I could expect to find Tim Russert's head in my bed.

Fortunately the democratic process has liberated me from this ghastly fate and "Noron" is, in fact the winner. As author of the new epithet, Dave Latchaw will receive a copy of Kos's new book, about which we will most certainly be having a discussion upon its release. (Note: Dave's MP3 of "Preznit Gone" is available here.)

Glenn Greenwald is back from his trip to DC and has a great recap of the NSA hearings so far. I wonder what the chances of ever seeing James Comey appear before the committee would be -- now that would be a hot ticket event.

And because we just can't resist -- reader Nancy T. sends us this missive about Ole 60 Grit herself (reprinted with the kind permission of the author, JR Ford):
Kate O'Beirne, in her tousled Britney Spears moptop, salmon rucksack blouse, mortician's waistcoat, and Wal-Martian costume jewelry, should think twice before choosing the word "cheap" to describe former President Jimmy Carter, the former pastor who spoke in a church in his home state of Georgia yesterday, lauding the late Coretta King and her legacy. One can only imagine, if it were Mrs. King at the pulpit and President Carter in the sarcophagus, would not her remarks about racial inequity and civil rights have been similar?

O'Beirne, the author of Women Who Make the World Worse, rails against the late Betty Friedan and the feminist agenda, while as a baby-boomer herself, she became one of the glaring beneficiaries thereof when she abdicated motherhood of her two young sons in 1986 to become a Washington insider.

In 1992, while vice president of the Heritage Foundation, O'Beirne was named by George H. W. Bush to the Presidential Commission on Women in the Armed Forces, although she never served in the military.

In 1976, Katherine Walsh married James O'Beirne, now head of the Office of the White House Liaison (OWHL), who may be single-handedly responsible for the post-conquest descent into chaos and disorder in Iraq, and the Pentagon's failure to make adequate plans for the occupation. In 2003, senior civil servants from agencies like Treasury, Energy, FERC, and Commerce were denied advisory positions in Baghdad that were instead handed to prominent RNC contributors. OWHL hired retired military personnel, many of whom had run for public office as Republicans and been defeated in 2002, to staff its recruiting arm. James O'Beirne then staffed the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) with people in their twenties and early thirties who had no foreign service experience. They were put in positions of authority that they had no clue about; their only common criterion being that they had all posted their resumes at the Heritage Foundation.

"Cheap," is a word usually reserved for Bourbon Street madames, and editors in their late fifties who dress fifteen years younger; and who wed incompetent, bureaucratic cronies.
This is the craven, dessicated old buzzard MSNBC hauls on to do George Bush's racist dirty work. Nice choice.

And on the Ciro Rodriguez front, his opponent Henry Cuellar is using the time-tested GOP tactic of proudly claiming endorsements he does not have, this time from the Texas State Teachers Association. You can contribute to Ciro's Fight the DINO fund here. We've now raised $11,546 in just a few days. That is quite a bold statement on behalf of progressive candidates.