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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Red State has their comment section, we have ours.

From it hurts:
Is there a hotline for black people to call to get eulogy approval? Or approval on how to behave during a hurricane? Or for approval on how many kids we have? Or for what we name our kids? That would make my life so much easier, even though I don't work, but I still have kids and they don't have fathers, but I digress.

As an uneducated black woman, and by uneducated I mean that I want to learn how not offend the likes of Kate O'Beirne, Tucker Carlson, Chris Matthews, Don Imus, Matt Drudge and any other offendables, even if they themselves have made racist comments or done things to hurt the world. Oooops, I should remember my place. Sorry about that last dig. I did not mean it.
The black church is one of the few institutions in this country that isn't about white people or white peoples' power. Whites don't understand the black church and what blew their minds about what they saw yesterday is that it's something they don't or can't control (the occasional sellouts like T.D. Jakes excepted). Think about it----a black man told George Bush like it is with George Bush sitting right there to hear it. Can any of you think of a time, ANY time, when ANYONE told George Bush like it is to his face?

Rev. Lowery had all of the power yesterday in the church and George Bush had none and, in the minds of Tucker and Friends, that's not the "natural" order. That's why they're all atwitter.
Too bad David Frum has left the speech writing employ of the White House. Based on the executive branch's view of recent race awareness, New Orleans, Detroit and Atlanta, they could have coined the term 'Axis of Darkness.' I'm sure the media outlets would oblige.
[T]hey had to consider the possibility that would happen. Amazing coincidence that McCain went on the offensive with Obama at the same time. McCain dashed off his letter even before he received one from Obama.
No, I think they really are that stupid. I think the thought was it would make him look statesmanlike. I don't think Bush has a lot of handlers who have, you know, been to a service at a black church. This is a guy whose running mate voted against MLK day. I don't think may other reps voted against that.
Last poll showed Bush at 2% voting approval amongst African-Americans. Is he actually trying for a shut-out this time?
I think the poll was 2% approval, with a margin of error of 3%, so it's possible that the only African American in the country that likes him is Condi.
Note to Tweety and Sandpaper S. O'Bierne: nobody booed your Preznit yesterday, or did anything the least bit disrespectful. The speakers and guests were more than kind to him. So what's your problem?
For these racists, Reverand Lowry isn't the founder of the SCLC and a great American who has spent his life bravely and courageously fighting injustice, he is a partisan no-name black preacher that doesn't understand his place before the President.
Since Kate O'Bierne was tapped to provide commentary on Dickhead's show, does that mean Kanye West gets to do the same at Dick Cheney's funeral?
Digby got more right wing hate mail on yesterday's post calling them on their overt racism than ever before. Boy you hit the wingnut bigot flipper and they light up like a pinball machine, huh?