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Monday, March 13, 2006

Late Nite FDL: It's All About Joementum

Joementum (jō-mĕn'təm) n., 1. neologism coined to indicate momentum where none was obvious to anyone but the candidate. 2. a portmanteau referring to the perceived lack of potential for success of a campaign or endeavor.

Lieberman's Campaign Manager:
"[Lieberman] ran for vice president. He ran for president. He hasn't really had a dialogue with Connecticut voters about Connecticut issues in a while."
Lieberman, living the lavish life of an insulated Senator, hanging out with lobbyists and neoconservative ideologues at cocktail parties - has absolutely no connection to actual people anymore.

That might explain why he has taken such out-of-the-mainstream positions in support of the Iraq War the UAE ports deal. It might explain why he sees no problem hanging out at parties with some of the most extremist right-wing forces in America.

It might explain why he has so ardently supported corporate-written trade deals that sell blue collar Connecticut workers out. Because those positions and that behavior is acceptable to someone who has caught such a bad case of Potomac Fever, they have become wholly disconnected from reality.
Washington Post:
Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., said he had not read it either and wasn't inclined simply to scold the president.

"I'd prefer to see us solve the problem," Lieberman told reporters.
Joe Lieberman, 1998:
... the transgressions the president has admitted to are too consequential for us to walk away and leave the impression for our children today and for our posterity tomorrow that what he acknowledges he did within the White House is acceptable behavior for our nation's leader. On the contrary, as I have said, it is wrong and unacceptable and should be followed by some measure of public rebuke and accountability.
The day Al Gore picked that insufferable, sanctimonious gasbag as the Democratic nominee for Vice president was one of the lowest of my life. That speech was the single most disloyal public political act of my lifetime. The Republicans were shrill, shrieking hyenas, foaming at the mouth, circling in for the kill --- and that preening showboater stepped into the well of the senate and used his image as a moral exemplar to try to validate their bullshit partisan witch hunt. It was unforgivable. But he got lots of fawning press coverage from the Republicans and the beltway establishment and it evidently got into his blood. He can't stop doing it.
What Lieberman said today about a short drive to a hospital is immensely cruel....Having a medical procedure done, any medical procedure, is embarrassing, intrusive, and scary, especially in a system as fucked up as ours where doctors don't really care about you because they are paid to avoid mistakes with paperwork. When you combine with this making the decision to have children or not, and maybe in a bunch of cases dumbfuck boyfriends who either aren't around or aren't helpful, the agony for some women is just immense. To talk about hospitals denying legal medical care because commuting is easy in Connecticut is really monstrous. It's so out of touch, so banal in the evil sense, and so downright elitist and cowardly.
And you know you've really hit the skids when you're the villain in your own text adventure game.

I'd score today: Lamont 1, Lieberman 0.