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Monday, April 11, 2005

Please Help Poor Jeff Gannon!

Steve over at Distance Blog makes the compelling argument that we need to give Jeff Gannon all the help we can. Why Rove didn't give him a nice stipend or buy him a little beer hall in Dresden and send him packing is beyond me, 'cos the guy seems to be oh so willing to stand up and voice his opinion anywhere anyone will let him:
Where am I going with this? Gannon is an absolute Godsend. While I was frustrated that the big boys close to Scott McClellan got off the hook for slipping him into the press corps for softball questions, I never dreamed Gannon would show back up and act with such defiance. If we can continue to get him in the spotlight and represent the face of the media, we can discredit the people at FOX even further. Gannon will like that, as he maintained in the interview (to a roar of laughter) that FOX was NOT a conservative media outlet. I kid you not.

So, the point of this is: get out there and talk Gannon up. Post links to him on message boards (you don't have to use your real address), talk him up to your conservative friends and generally build this guy into what he is:

The voice of the Conservative movement! Also, On Jeff's site, he notes that he is out of a job, and needs money. Now, I am not going to help him out, but I do think Conservatives should, as he is an important voice. So, I urge my GOP friends to help keep this brave man's voice out there, standing tall for what's right!
It's the only charitable thing to do, don't you think? So I'm going to start off the effort. Here's a nice link, Jeff, and a toast to your new career.

We need all the help we can get.