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Friday, June 10, 2005

This Week in Dog: Free Katie

No, Katie has not been kidnapped by Scientologists and press-ganged into asserting the existence of a dubious sex life on Letterman. But she has taken to sleeping in the living room, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our neighbor Marian who often stops by to whisk her away for a solo beach walk early in the morning (Katie being the least likely to need extraction from an altercation with a Doberman or roll in dead animal guts).

I never put up the Friday random iPod blog because I've got so much stuff in iTunes that even I don't know what 70% of it is. But I did get a wonderful Aimee Mann CD from the lovely and talented TBogg this week which Kobe has taken quite a shine to while being chauffered into town for his morning cappuccino and muffin. Once again he proves himself a man of fine tastes.

And Lucy got her stiches out. Being the baby she sometimes gets the short end of the stick.