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Thursday, June 30, 2005

What Would God Say?

Next time the Preznit has his little chit chat with God (you know, the one where George tells the Big Man what he ought to be busying himself with), God may want to let him know that the National Council of Churches (of which George's church is a member) is circulating a petition protesting the war in Iraq as immoral.

Of course, as George has mentioned, these conversations are pretty one-way and God ain't the one doing the talking, so George will be more likely to get the message if you actually go sign the petition and it's hand delivered to him by someone a little less plastic than the Big G.

I imagine George has other things on his mind these days, like how to make sure Fitzgerald doesn't do a Ken Starr and extend the Plame investigation and start looking into the Downing Street Memo, fixing of intelligence and WMDs. I guess I'm just old fashioned, but sex and real estate seem much more of a stretch than WMDs and the other deceptions of war.

(from RJ Escow via The Fixer)