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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cockpunchers of Thermopylae

I have resisted addressing Jeffrey Hart's article that is obsessing Wingnutiztan on the anatomy of a conservative mind because a) I knew it would be just so much wankery and b) already graced with an opinion on the topic I would nonetheless be obliged to read it.

It shouldn't really be a shock to anyone that the modern conservative movement which devotes itself to the endless generation and repetition of preposterous talking points that seek to befuddle the public and obscure the true motives of its proponents should not in fact attract the nation's "best and brightest" but rather its erstwhile used car salesmen (see: DeLay, Tom). But I was somewhat surprised to see Hart acknowledge that "[b]eauty has been clamorously present in the American Conservative Mind through its almost total absence." If he'd taken it a step further and included the American Conservative TV Presence the article might actually have stumbled upon some relevance.

There were perhaps historical eras in which conservative thought had its shining moments (just don't ask me to name any). I could go on and speculate as to the reasons for its current limitations, but I think my esteemed colleague TBogg said everything I have to say and more about the state of modern wingnuttery in this particular dramatization which is my sole nomination for the Koufax awards this year.

Mostly I just wanted an excuse to say Cockpunchers of Thermopylae.