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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fair and Balanced

If Brad DeLong's conversation with John Harris is any indication, the sad bastard is sweating bullets right now. I mean, how did this happen, really? Just because he tried to pass off an obvious GOP operative, former Bush/Cheney '04 webmaster Patrick Ruffini, as a "citizen blogger" to Jay Rosen? It worked so well when the GOP ginned up that whole crock with the TANG documents and those rodeo clowns at Powerline. Did anyone care that their "proof" was bullshit and their quote-unquote "document expert" Buckhead was a big Republican operative who knows about as much about obsolete typefaces as I do about string theory? No. "Dan Rather" is now the all-purpose hand grenade thrown by witless wingnuts everywhere whenever facts start to vex them.

Do you think he's probably regretting that he didn't check Ruffini's website before he went out there and said what Rover told him to, did not take a look around to see what an obvious shill the guy was? Is he worried that those extra cocktail weenies he was promised will not be forthcoming? When I clicked the link yesterday it took all of oh, five seconds to look up Ruffini's bio and figure out this was hardly the off-hour chicken scratchings of some Idaho potato farmer.

Karl fucked him up. And now rumor has it Harris might not survive this obvious stint as the GOP's go-to guy inside the WaPo. I mean, it's one thing to jump when Rove snaps his fingers. It's quite another to blab it to the world.