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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Top Down

TBogg lets us know that when Pajamas Media CEO Roger Simon went looking for a liberal to cane over the Iraqi elections, he didn't trouble himself to look any further than the one he recently bought to be the chicken in his very own right-wing geek show, David Corn:
I feel sorry for people like David Corn who have put themselves in such a box that they de facto are rooting for failure in Iraq, no matter how much they deny that. This is the fate of the modern fuddy-duddy liberal who was formerly in the "cool" position and now finds himself allied with most reactionary forces on earth just because he loathes George Bush on stylistics. Yes, that's what it seems to come down to. What a brutal historical joke.
Yikes. I would never talk about say, Tom Maguire that way, but then again I actually respect Tom Maguire.

When Wolcott questioned the wisdom of joining up with Pajamas Media in the first place, Corn responded in a way that reflexively made me throw up my hands, avert my gaze and scream good God man, not Wolcott, don't do it!! But to no avail:
[I]f James Wolcott, whose work I admire and respect, can bring himself to be associated with a magazine (which I admire and respect) that makes mucho bucks by placing Paris Hilton's jugs in front of our mugs, perhaps I can see if being associated with rightwingers will benefit this blog, my work, and my readers. If not, I'll be happy to chuck it all for a column at Vanity Fair. James, thanks for the vote of confidence.
Wolcott seemed to think that having any association with Michael Ledeen was its own punishment and let him off easy. But in light of Corn's timid rejoinder to Roger Simon I am moved to mention that as one of his readers I am still anxiously awaiting the benefits.

Update: The estimable Murray Waas has more at the Village Voice. As does James Wolcott.