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Monday, January 16, 2006

Late Nite FDL: War Whoops On the Left

It was a good day for Team Librul. Even as Dubya made a cheap, cynical bid to appropriate the legacy of Martin Luther King, Al Gore knocked one over the fence. He also had a chance to talk with MyDD's Matt Stoller (above) and let Matt know that he was a faithful Daily Kos reader, so I guess it was a good day for Al too.

It was a bad day to be Deborah Howell. Although the WaPo has now deleted from the 50 of the comments (though they claim it was a dozen) it thought were offensive, over 600 still remain. I guess it is okay to call Democrats crooks but not impugn the integtrity of Ms. Howell. No matter, the same person who told me to direct readers to the also emailed me to let me know that Deborah getting "hammered" was a big story at Romanesco. "That means the professsional world of journalists will be checking it out," the person said. How embarassing for poor Deborah.

And it was a worse day to be Kate O'Beirne. While I'm sure her publisher was screaming at Amazon to delete all the one-star reviews like they did for Malkin, Amazon obviously felt Kate was too B-list to bother with, hence they now have some paid, thick-witted trolls churning out 5-star reviews. It also looks like somebody dropped a huge chunk of change buying back books to try to prop up sales. That is just awesome. Every dime some wingnut welfare think tank spends trying to save Kate's wreched face is money they don't spend wiping out condom use in Africa or finding new ways to snatch food out of the mouths of the homeless. Digby reminds us of just what a beast Kate and her ilk are, and C&L documents the amusing position Kate now finds herself in vis-a-vis Brokeback Mountain.

Pat yerself on the back. We did good today.

Update: The General has tbeen having a lively exchange with Amazon.