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Monday, January 23, 2006

Ombudsman to the Ombudsman

In addition to live blogging the Washington Post chat on Wednesday (1pm et/10am pt) we've also decided to start a public forum called Open Letter to the Washington Post. It was created by Matt Stoller of MyDD and will be moderated by the lovely and talented Taylor Marsh. As with the Chris Matthews blog, it will be a place for people to express their sentiments over whatever is happening with the WaPo that day, the structure of the organization, any slavish GOP stenography that might rear its nasty head and the reporters and columnists who seem to enjoy doing it so much.

Since the Post broke the Abramoff story and the reporting of Steno Sue and others has been key in the push to smear Democrats by association, this blog will create a forum that can't be deleted and will exist as a public record to hold the Post accountable. As Josh Marshall outlined so well yesterday, the need for pushback on the left to balance the bullying of the Mighty Wurlizer is undeniable.

We learned with the Chris Matthews blog and the Tim Russert blog that this is completely freaking them out, and what they're really afraid of is -- Google. Yes, Google. If you type in "Chris Matthews" now the #10 result is the Chris Matthews blog (and C&L's clip of Matthews comparing Michael Moore to Osama bin Laden is #9). There are some 3,000 comment on that blog now.

So the new Post blog is up, stop by and say hello to Taylor and please throw a link up on your website so when people Google "Washington Post" we can start to boost its ranking.

We'll also be driving people over there during the Wednesday morning chat to leave comments, so thanks to everyone for helping to make it work.