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Thursday, January 26, 2006

There Goes My Invite to the NRO Cruise 2006

They don't seem to like me very much over at the NRO. Offhand I can't think of a prouder moment in my life.

In other news, Crooks and Liars has video where you can watch Katie Couric school Howard Dean about the fact that Democrats received $1.5 million in donations from Jack Abramoff. Because the Center for Responsive Politics told her so. Except they didn't.

Let's see if NBC has a functional ombudsman. His name is David McCornick:

Meanwhile, reports are circulating that John Kerry will lead a filibuster of Alito -- reader LHM writes to say this has been confirmed with Kerry's office.

Sounds like this feisty thing might be contagious, huh??

Update: Kerry's office says they are working on the 41 Senators needed for a filibuster and they want people to call their Senators and tell them to support it. The main Senate number is 888-355-3588.

If there was ever a moment worthy of working yourself into a good case of carpal tunnel syndrome, this would be it.

Update II: Sean-Paul Kelley reports that Lieberman will vote yes on filibuster and Byrd will vote no.

Update III: DeWine is citing the Washington Post editorial in favor of confirming Alito. The New York Times this morning supports filibuster.