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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Roots Project: Nebraska and Maine

Last week we initiated a campaign to get people in Kansas writing letters to the editors in their local papers with remarkable success. Although many of them haven't yet appeared, numerous people have been contacted by the papers and told that they will in fact be published. We'll have a round-up as soon as we get something more concrete.

The deadline for the new vote by the Senate Intelligence Committee as to whether they will investigate the illegal NSA wiretaps is March 7. In targeting Kansas we've already hit committee Chairman Pat Roberts, and today we want to direct our energies toward writing letters targeting wavering Republicans Olympia Snowe and Chuck Hagel in Maine and Nebraska respectively.

Glenn Greenwald's post here provides good talking points, and as his post from today notes that it has become apparent based on news reports that there are other warrantless surveillance programs aimed at Americans besides the one the NYT reported on. All the more reason the committee cannot shirk its duty to investigate.

A contact list of Nebraska papers here.
A contact list of Maine papers here.

Remember -- personal, carefully crafted letters from local addresses are much more likely to get printed, so we want to encourage people who actually live in these states, or have some kind of connection with them to do so.

Tomorrow we'll be asking people to call Snowe's and Hagel's offices, so stay tuned.