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Sunday, February 06, 2005

How to Make the Superbowl Interesting for the Football Challenged

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No, not that.

Last year I watched the Superbowl with Hubert Selby. I was talking with him at half time, not paying any attention to the TV, when suddenly he shouted "hey, was that a boob?" Which is all I ever saw of "nipplegate."

Sadly, "Cubby" passed away this year, and I have nothing better to distract myself with this time around. So for those of us whose native interest in the Superbowl is tepid at best, NTodd and Atrios have set up a Superbowl betting challenge to make things a little more interesting. If the Patriots win, everyone betting on the Eagles has to donate to American Friends Service Committee, dedicated to telling the truth about the ongoing loss of life in Iraq and bringing the troops home.

If the Eagles win, everyone betting on the Pats will have to contribute to Project Home, which helps the indigent in Philadelphia break out of homelessness and poverty.

As a Massachusetts native, I put $50 on the Patriots. But I'd frankly love to see Donovan McNabb prove Rush Limbaugh to be the big, fat, race-baiting jackal he is (in 2003 Limbaugh said McNabb was overrated because the media wanted to see a black quarterback succeed), so really it's win-win either way.