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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bunnypants' iPod and Social Security Reform

I was listening to one of the Preznit's staged town-hall meetings this morning on MSNBC, and his latest attempt to foist off his Social Security piratization plan is to compare it to his newfound toy, the iPod. I didn't have a chance to write down the exact quote, but the argument goes something like this: the public deserves better than an antiquated program like Social Security, crafted some time in pre-history much like the vinyl album. To argue that the existing program would be better than his new and improved program is like saying vinyl albums are superior in quality to an iPod.

Now, most people who check in here won't be surprised that Fearless Leader could be so stupid as to believe that a highly compressed digital format like the iPod's MP4 could deliver anything even remotely comparable in quality to a vinyl record. But it's not like he just gets up there and wings these things -- is he surrounded by such a pack of complete twats so divorced from modern technology that nobody has the sense to scrub this particular analogy from the speech before he steps in it? Having worked before with people who have more ego than sense, I know that feeling where sometimes you think it's just not worth the effort, you're only going to take shit for saying anything so you just let them run with it and enjoy the ensuing train wreck as your own private joke.

Or maybe I am giving them too much credit and they're all just half-wits who don't know any better. In any case, if this is the only argument the Preznit has left I'm thinking Social Security may just last until Presidential term limits show Bunnypants the door.

Update: Because I can't talk about iPods without talking downloads, Soul Sides has an audiological history of the song Apache (you'll probably recognize the Ventures version of it) through the ages, complete with downloads from those who have either recorded or sampled it, including Cliff Richard and the Shadows, the Sugarshill Gang, The Incredible Bongo Band, Future Sounds of London, Moby, The Roots and Nas. It's sublime.

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