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Monday, July 18, 2005

So Where'd the Rats Go?

I was reading this article recently about boxers who are good enough to put on a show but not good enough to win a title, whose job it is to basically climb into the ring and get beaten senseless. That's the image that kept sticking with me when I watched Republicans defending Rove on Press the Meat and other talking heads shows yesterday.

Unlike the online pundits who are free to sit around licking each other's asses and repeating the GOP's "nothing to see here, move on" invocation (isn't that what they say at the scene of a bloody, gruesome traffic accident?) elected officials will have to live with what they say now the next time they want to, you know, get elected, and since no one with a modicum of sense can predict at this point how the whole thing will go down (and that certainly leaves out this bunch, whose conclusion that "the most miniscule 'scandal' in history keeps getting smaller and smaller" sadly leaves one to conclude that they must be functionally retarded), most major Republicans are staying away from this one like it was covered in flesh eating virus.

The best they could disinter for the occasion were Roy Blunt (?), who refused to defend Rove, and along with Lindsey Graham (who looked like his car had just stalled in the middle of a Lesbian Separatists parade) would only repeat the mantra "let's wait for the facts." Ken Mehlman, whose job it is to defend anyone with an "R" next to their name, agreed that he had "tremendous confidence in Pat Fitzgerald."

I'm betting the week-old weenies in my fridge are gonna have a longer shelf life than that one.

Meanwhile, Novakula is reporting that White House Chief of Staff Andy Card is fleeing the sinking ship being replaced by Enron Ed Gillespie. I don't blame Card. If I got dealt that kind of shitty hand I'd fold it, too.

(hat tip to Al Rogers)