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Friday, July 01, 2005

What Would Toshiro Mifune Do?

It's on.

Right now, corporate America and the knuckle draggers are breathing hard and praising Baby Jesus that their opportunity has finally arrived to convert the republic into the theocratic kleptocracy they've always dreamed of. The retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor, a moderate conservative who has cast critical votes in decisions to uphold pro-choice and retain separation of church and state, has decided to blow the SCOTUS pop stand. Rehnquist will probably not be far behind her.

If there was any validity in the decision let seething reptiles like Owen and Brown on the bench in order to preserve the filibuster, we'll find out now. It's going to be grand political theater guaranteed to quicken the pulse and jangle the nerves of news junkies everywhere.

So I'm having a contest. The top ten (count 'em, TEN!) letters written to the editors or members of Congress over the upcoming SCOTUS battle, and posted in the comments below, will win copies of James Wolcott's Attack Poodles and Other Media Mutants, an absolutely indispensable addition to any good library (I just finished it and it's brilliant -- he gives glowing shout-outs to "satirical cut-ups" TBogg and Roger Ailes, so you know it must be good).

As a group, the liberal netroots community can make a bunch of articulate noise and reshape the political terrain in far greater proportion than our numbers would indicate, so this is your chance to shine. The contest is open until the end of Friday, July 8, so there will probably be lots of drama to inspire you to Shakespearean brilliance. Please include the snail mail or email addresses of the representatives or newspapers your missives are sent to in the comments (although you need not include your name, I'll email the winners later). The contest will be decided over the weekend, judged by me with some help from Loren and Pam, and the winning letters will be posted to the front page on Sunday, July 10.

Remember there are ten (count 'em, TEN!) books being given away, so your chances of winning are good. And if only 5 people enter, well, Mom, you know what you're getting for Christmas.

Update:: Digby suggests bombarding the Gang of 14, the 7 Republican and 7 Democratic Senators who are probably going to wind up deciding this whole mess. As he says, "there can be no compromise on this seat."