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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Why, Some of My Best Friends Are Women

Per Roxanne, we hear that Jessica from Feministing is live blogging the Roberts confirmation hearings. Jessica's doing an excellent job, despite the fact that Roberts is wobbling around like some 21st century creeple people:
Sen. Feinstein's questions ran the gamut from women’s rights, choice issues, environmental concerns and the separation of Church and State.

I was glad to see that she called Roberts out on his past they-were-a-joke-I-swear comments on women, though it seemed she could have given him a bit of a harder time on them. (Though she did tell him for someone who talked about modesty and humility, these statements were anything but.)

Roberts just responded with a predictable I have a wife, sister and daughter statement. That’s great and I’m sure he wants the best for them, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t come out with some pretty sexist remarks in the past.

Of course when questioned on privacy, Roe and Casey, Roberts dodged. Again. Relying on stare decisis just won’t cut it, Johnny!
Why doesn't he try the endlessly repeated "I've already addressed that" meme? Works pretty well for Scott McClellan. And it's not like anyone on the Judiciary Committee is David Gregory.

Anyway, stop by and visit Jessica, drop some comments, give her some support. She's performing a real public service.