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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bobo Spoils Munich

I've been dying to see Spielberg's Munich, and not just because I am shallow and Eric Bana is FUCKING HOT. Even though I was only a little kid at the time I well remember sitting in front of the television for hours on end watching the tragedy of the Israeli athletes take place in real-time, and the 1999 documentary recounting the events -- One Day In September -- is one of my favorite films. The Oscar it took that year was well deserved.

Leave it to Bobo Brooks to FUCK IT ALL UP. Even in his all-white mini van and pimento loaf fantasy world SOMEBODY must've heard of SPOILERS ALERTS, duh?
There is, above all, no evil. And that is the core of Spielberg's fable. In his depiction of reality there are no people so committed to a murderous ideology that they are impervious to the sort of compromise and dialogue Spielberg puts such great faith in.
And with that, we can safely infer that neither George Bush nor Dick Cheney appear in the film.

Asshole. There goes my Christmas Holiday season.