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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hell Yeah, Howard Dean Speaks For Me

In a surfeit of post-pie congeniality, the Kos crowd have brewed up a petition saying "Howard Dean speaks for me, so STFU and go rub in a little more Rogaine, Joe." Or something like that. Probably a bit more diplomatic. Which is why they don't let me write these things. I think I was number 408 or something -- if you sign it let us know in the comments what the total number of signatures is up to.

And while you're in activist mode, the bunch at Pandagon are having a blog-a-thon starting at 8 am today to raise money for Amnesty International. Dick Cheney hates 'en, and the backhanded imprimatur of the Sith Lord is the biggest testament I can think of to the fine work that Amnesty International continues to do around the world, so stop by and throw 'en a few bucks. And cheers to Amanda and Jesse for the fine effort.

(Hat tip to The Green Knight and Rox Populi)