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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dubya's Glorious New Year

Shorter WaPo: Shhhh!! Don't mention the wiretaps!

VandeHei is quick to attribute the blip in Bush's Washington Post poll numbers to real smart politickin', but others have noted that it could just as easily be tied to falling gas prices. Meanwhile a new CNN poll puts Bush's favorability rating at an all-time low (53% unfavorable).

Well that was a rather brief dead cat bounce, heh?

Also: Judy Miller is going to be interviewed in Nightline tonight, and evidently Terry Moran asks her if she really made Maureen Dowd get out of "her" chair in the White House press room. You can watch an advance 6 min. clip here. Thanks to Steve at Tiger Beat for the tip.

Update: Judy's Plame stuff was not in the Nightline TV segment but can be seen online.