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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Patrick Fitzgerald is a Busy Boy

What a delightful stocking stuffer. In a case totally unrelated to the Plame affair (unless you want to count the cosmic neocon comeuppance factor), Patrick Fitzgerald has added a superseding indictment for racketeering and obstruction to the fraud charges already faced by big neocon chiseler Conrad Black.

Meanwhile, the SEC is tantalizing us all by serving up Wells notices to Hollinger board members Marie-Josee Kravis (wife of Henry Kravis), Richard Burt, former US ambassador to Germany, and former Republican Illinois Governor James Thompson. A Wells notice is "a formal warning that the agency's enforcement staff has determined that evidence of wrongdoing is sufficient to bring a civil lawsuit."

You'll recall that Richard Perle was recently on the receiving end of a one of these babies in the Hollinger case.

While Kravis, Burt and Thompson are in the crosshairs for having served on the board's audit committee and rubber stamping Black's efforts to loot the company, it's worth noting that a) the SEC doesn't seem to be done, and b) their fellow board member at the time was Henry Kissinger.

A girl can dream, can't she?