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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

FDL Late Nite: They're Waving the Idiot Flag at the Corner Again

I was going to leave off Kate O'Beirne tonight, really I was, the book is tanking and nothing they can do will save it. But I decided I needed to hit it one more time if only to dispel the notion amongst the conspiracy-minded that I am the one planning their "counter-offensive" (such as it is), because really I could not do a better job if I had orchestrated it myself.

I envision Kate sniffing daintily by the window, waiting for her Bush that will never come to rush through the door and rescue her. All of a sudden one of the Corner zeros -- and I've got five bucks on Jonah -- says "hey I know what, I'll call my mom...." and the rest is history.

Exhibit A: The Corner and Lucianne (gone now, but she had a giant picture of Valley Girl's mockup.)

Now I ordinarily wouldn't do their work for them, I'd just let them continue to parade around like a bunch of fucking monkeys, but I figure someone with a brain will show up at some point and scream for the love of God what were you thinking.

This whole adventure has been most illustrative and has shown many holes in their game that I hope to exploit at a further date so I'll say no more (because I know they read this and it brings me great joy). But I'm willing to give them this one because it demonstrates how thoroughly beatable they are. They may have money and they are ruthless but they are also, evidently, the stupidest people who grew opposable thumbs.

I used the Boss Tweed analogy the other night and I think it bears repeating. Tammany Hall was dismantled when cartoonist Thomas Nast drew cartoons of Tweed like the one pictured above.
"Let's stop them damned pictures," the Boss supposedly said, "I don't care so much what the papers write about -- —my constituents can't read -- —but damn it, they can see pictures."
See, Boss Tweed wanted Thomas Nast's cartoons wiped off the face of the planet. He didn't blow them up to mural size and slap them all over Tammany Hall. Would you like to tell me what kind of fucking moron copies the enemy's piss-takes and blows it up to enormous proportions for the whole world to see?

Jesus tapdancing Christ you really don't need to even bother when they're willing to do all the work for you.

Update: enigma4ever reports in the comments that there was a big pile 'o Kate's books on the floor at Borders in downtown Cleveland -- seems they were putting them back because there were too many out and they weren't selling. How very sad.