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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Fight the Power

It's too bad Mean Jean and her broom were in Washington yesterday when FDL regulars Karen Allen and froggermarch went to her office with a group of 25 people to present her with a "Bring Our Troops Home From Iraq" petition signed by 800 people. Says Karen:
Jean's office is at all times locked.  At first, the staff member who answered the door didn't want us to even enter the office; she just wanted to reach out and take the petition.  We changed that.
After convincing them that they had not been prodded by out-of-town agitators but were legitimate constituents, they met with Mean Jean's chief of staff.

Says froggermarch:
BTW, as we left Mean Jean's office yesterday, it was interesting to note that she had a Yellow Ribbon on the door by a picture for a local serviceman who is MIA in Iraq.

The irony was resplendent. We are there to demand that the troops be brought home as soon as practicable and she who calls such people cowards has a symbol which expresses the same sentiment.

Actions, Jean, speak louder than ribbons.
Unfortunately Karen's camera went on the fritz so there is no photographic record but we're really proud of them both and thrilled that they met up here in the comments section and decided commit this poignant piece of political activism together.

(graphic by Monk at Inflatable Dartboard)